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Insight of Me

Beast. I am not a stranger when it comes to hard work. As a child, I took on the responsibility of raising little brother while my mother went back to school to pursue her degree. I can confidently say that I get my drive from her. I held multiple jobs while putting myself through college and when faced with adversity I have overcome many obstacles and was able to rise to the occasion.
Creativity has always been one of my top skills along with a passion for web development. I find solace in communicating the vision of others into the complicated languages of coding. Designing has become a great way for me to express myself and find a career that I am passionate about.I truly believe every day is an opportunity to learn. I always want to be a better version of myself. Like clay, I have form and can still be shaped for better design.

Fun Fact

I love photography. I put an art gallery when I was 11yrs old selling photos that I took and printed in a dark room!

Fun Fact

I have jungling bean bags that I randomly jungle sometimes

Fun Fact

I love to play ultimate frisbee. I believe that I am decent at it.

Stanley in a suit

(Left) I took at one of my mentor's wedding. It was a great wedding and reception. (Right) Me in my element. I love taking photos. Editing is the more challenging part but I am getting better with each photoshoot.

Swift Allen

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